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SAYSKY where to run series

Where to run in Bruges

This is our last where-to-run series for 2019, and what better way to end this than with a running guide to the cozy city Bruges, Belgium. The guide will provide you with insights on where to find the best running routes in the city. Lace up for a historic and beautiful run! 
SAYSKY City Guide - cologne

Where to run in Cologne

Cologne is one of the last where-to-run guides in 2019, and we are happy to take you through this medieval and historic city placed on the river Rhine. This city is one of Germany's largest, but it's absolutely made for running too. Read the full guide here and start pack your bags.

SAYSKY Where to run series

Where to run in Zürich

Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland and it is a global center for banking and finance. It stretches on both sides of the river Limmat, which flows out of Lake Zürich. This picture beautiful town is an absolute must visit also if you are a runner. Explore our running guide here. 
SAYSKY Guide where to run

Where to run in Hamburg

Hamburg is Germany's second largest city surrounded by the River Elbe and crossed by hundreds of canals. Hamburg is a beautiful city, not only to be a tourist in, but also to be a runner in. With lots of trails, rivers and hills this city seems to be runner's paradise. Explore our running guide here. 

Where to run in Copenhagen - a SAYSKY running guide

Where to run in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is where we’re from and we know how to run every street, park and neighbourhood. This is a city that’s very running friendly and all the good spots are not too hard to come by. In fact, you can pretty much just run through the entire city in a single session, regardless of your level and shape. Explore our running guide here.
Where to run in Amsterdam SAYSKY running guide

Where to run in Amsterdam

Having just been cruising the streets of Amsterdam for the SAYSKY Sub Rosa race, it seemed logical to tie this into our third instalment in the where-to-run series. The local tips are brought to you by Running Junkies co-founder Ryan Tjin.

SAYSKY where to run in Berlin

Where to run in Berlin

This is the second instalment in the where-to-run series, and we're going to Berlin - arguably, the running capital of the world. Berlin boasts the fastest and most popular marathon race on the planet, while the social running scene is next level with crews all over the city.
Where to run in London

Where to run in London

This is the first instalment in the "Where to run in..." series and we've teamed up with Ben Hubbard, vice-captain of the TrackEast London running crew. He'll guide you on how to make the most of your London runs, if you're in town.