SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race

Sub Rosa Seoul: April 13

The SAYSKY Sub Rosa race is coming to Seoul in Korea on April 13. If you know how to run the streets and you're quick on the feet, then this is a challenge for you. But don't take it too lightly, this race is just as much about street savvy and navigational skills, as it's about speed.

August 14: SAYSKY COP RUN Copenhagen

The SAYSKY COP RUN Summer Tour takes off in Copenhagen on a Tuesday evening in August. But don't expect your average weekday training race. This a high-paced interval relay session - right in the running heart of Copenhagen. Get your team together and get ready to set the lakes on fire.

August 15: SAYSKY COP RUN Aarhus

We'll wrap up the SAYSKY COP RUN summer tour in Aarhus. Last year we set the Botanical Gardens on fire and this year, we'll do it all over again. The course is by far one of the meanest with its many twists, turns and hills. But fear not, there's room for runners of all levels and paces. Huddle up your team and get ready for a fun and social evening in beautiful surroundings.

May 30 - June 1: European Invitational

Welcome to the first ever SAYSKY COP RUN European Invitational - a tour that'll run through three cities in three days: Amsterdam - Cologne - Berlin. Sign up here to join this unique race experience. Limited spots available.

April 29: SAYSKY COP RUN x Trailman

SAYSKY COP RUN x Trailman is back again. Last year we took on the dust and unforgiven hills of a Copenhagen-based motorcross course. This year, we're taking it to the forest for a true trail run experience.