May 30 - June 1: European Invitational


May 30 - June 1: Amsterdam - Cologne - Berlin

Welcome to the first ever SAYSKY COP RUN European Invitational - a tour that'll run through three cities in three days from May 30 - June 1: Amsterdam - Cologne - Berlin. We've teamed up with the coolest running crews in each city to add a little bit of local flavour and a powerful punch of good vibes.

SAYSKY COP RUN has been a huge success in Denmark with its unique and very cool race format and now we're bringing it to you. Are you ready to go all out with your best running buddies?

Interval Based Relay Race:
3 people on a team
15x1000m laps
5 laps per person - one lap at a time
Awesome transition zone atmosphere

Men/Women/Mix teams


All runners are familiar with the grueling feelings of taking down multiple 1000m intervals. It's tough. We know. But do these as a team, in a race setting and all of a sudden you're in for a sweet ride. This is training made fun. Click on the video below or check out #COPRUN and see for yourself:



May 30: Amsterdam by Running Junkies - 19.30, De Tanker in Noord.
May 31: Cologne by Run Squad CGN - 19.00 (Pferderennbahn).
June 1: Berlin by Run Pack - 19.00, Tempelhofer Feld.

DEADLINE: Sign up closes on May 23, 23.59.

INVITATIONAL: This simply means that we've invited some of the coolest runners in each city, but with plenty of room for others to join in. There's a maximum of 75 teams in each city, so gather your friends, put together a team and hurry up before you'll be overtaken.

SIGN UP FEE: 1€ per person. Pretty cheap, right? This is just to cover the sign up administration fee. We'll take care of the rest. You'll get a race bib, cooling beverages from our sponsor Vitamin Well and a truly unique race experience.

PRIZES: This is training made fun. We do time keeping the old school way with a stopwatch, pen and paper. But this doesn't mean that you shouldn't go fast. Quite the opposite.

There'll be prizes for the winning teams within each category: men/women/mix. Cross the finish line first and each team member on the winning teams will get a SAYSKY COP RUN running tee.

PICTURES: We'll be taking pictures and shooting video at each of the events, some of which will be used for promotional purposes afterwards. If you do not wish to appear in either of these, please let us know. You're of course very welcome to share the pictures afterwards.
Facebook event: for race updates 
Practical info: about the race concept

Contact us: if you have any questions