SAYSKY Athlete Simon Holbek

Simon Holbek: Running

Simon is a living proof that age is really just a number! This bad-ass 33-year-old is one of the best Marathon runners in Denmark with a PB of 2.17.32 (from Frankfurt 2019), and keeps improving year after year. Simon is running twice a day and is working a full-time job at Novo Nordisk. 
SAYSKY Athlete Leon Kofoed OCR

Leon Kofoed: OCR Athlete

Leon is one of the best OCR athletes in Denmark and a European sprint distance champion. He’s a true ninja warrior on the obstacles with a firm grip and quick feet. Leon's a real hard worker and loves to share his passion with others as a coach and inspirational influencer.

SAYSKY Athlete Julie Høgh Running

Julie Høgh: Running

Julie is a passionated runner who lives and works in Copenhagen. She manages to balance working as a psychologist and running everyday. Julie's favourite distance is the half marathons, but you will also be able to see her at the track and competing at shorter distances.
SAYSKY Athlete Emil Holm: Triathlon

Emil Holm: Triathlon

Emil is on the Danish national triathlon team and one fast motherf*cker on the run who's never looking back. He's determined and working very hard to be given the opportunity to represent Denmark at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

SAYSKY Athlete Nikolaj Dam OCR Athlete

Nikolaj Dam: OCR Athlete

Nikolaj is the best OCR athlete in Denmark, leaving everyone else in the mud. Remove the obstacles and he'll most likely still outrun you. He's also a top challenger on a global scale, with a goal of one day becoming World Champion.
SAYSKY Athlete Sif Bendix Madsen: Triathlon

Sif Bendix Madsen: Triathlon

Sif is the youngest member on the SAYSKY team and a Youth Olympic, European, and national champion in triathlon. She's a humble person with a huge talent and a bright future on the horizon. Her long-term goal is to win the Olympics in triathlon.

SAYSKY Athlete Thor Bendix Madsen: Triathlon

Thor Bendix Madsen: Triathlon

Thor is on the Danish national triathlon team as well as national champion in triathlon. He's one of the young guns on the SAYSKY team, but definitely not to be f*cked with, as he'll most likely leave you in dust.
SAYSKY Athlete Mads Toft OCR Athlete

Mads Toft: OCR Athlete

Mads Toft is one of the best OCR athletes in Denmark. He's a beast on the obstacles and will most likely beat you with just one arm. He's a newcomer to the sport and with his determination of steel, he's definitely one to look out for.