SAYSKY Athlete Andreas Straßner: Running

Andreas Straßner: Running

Strassi is showing that it's never too late to focus and start running fast. He's somewhat of a legend on the German running scene and we can understand why. He's a cool guy with very swift feet: 2:18:50 on the marathon, 66:02 on the half and 29:44 on a 10k.
SAYSKY Athlete Timo Göhler: Running

Timo Göhler: Running

Timo is chasing fast times on the track and long distances in Germany. He was the fastest German 10.000m runner in 2016 with a time of 28:57. Now the focus is on the marathon distance where he's trying to best his PR of 2:19:18. Good luck catching this guy.

SAYSKY Athlete Nikolaj Dam OCR Athlete

Nikolaj Dam: OCR Athlete

Nikolaj is the best OCR athlete in Denmark, leaving everyone else in the mud. Remove the obstacles and he'll most likely still outrun you. He's also a top challenger on a global scale, with a goal of one day becoming World Champion.
SAYSKY Athlete Ruben Best: Triathlon

Ruben Best: Triathlon

Ruben is a former handball player turned triathlete from Hamburg. He's a full-time innovation consultant and passionate athlete on the side. Ruben debuted on the Ironman distance with a 8:22:36 (no swim) finish and is now gunning for a proper sub 9h time in the future.

SAYSKY Athlete Sif Bendix Madsen: Triathlon

Sif Bendix Madsen: Triathlon

Sif is the youngest member on the SAYSKY team and a Youth Olympic, European, and national champion in triathlon. She's a humble person with a huge talent and a bright future on the horizon. Her long-term goal is to win the Olympics in triathlon.
SAYSKY Athlete Thor Bendix Madsen: Triathlon

Thor Bendix Madsen: Triathlon

Thor is on the Danish national triathlon team as well as national champion in triathlon. He's now living the dream as a pro triathlete, with the fastest-ever 70.3 time set by a 20-year old. The ultimate goal is to win Ironman Kona.