• A Passionate Bunch of People


SAYSKY is passion driven. We seize every possible opportunity to hit the road. If it wasn't because we were also super busy with constantly developing and finetuning the SAYSKY concept and product selection, we'd probably be out there all time. Because out there is where we're inspired and motivated by the passion we meet. Inspired by the people we run with, inspired by the cities we visit and inspired by the nature that surrounds us.

Dormant is one thing we're not. That's for sure. We strongly believe that meeting you guys on the starting line, in the gym or passing by in the streets - is all the fuel we need to progress and tailor SAYSKY to meet your athletic demands. If we can no longer catch up with you, then we've lost the right to serve you. So this is definitely not happening. That's a promise. We're athletes with a competitive mindset after all.

With that said - see you in 2018. Keep up the good work #saysky.

Ps. the guy on the picture that's our German sales representative. He just returned from Lanzarote where he was coaching at a swim camp, but still found the time to jump on the bike every day. We probably would too. Picture by: Dieter Mählen.