• SAYSKY Aero Suit 2.0: Not Made For Walking


The SAYSKY Aero Suit 2.0 is a piece of triathlon weaponry designed to elevate your performance in the water, on the bike and on the run. You'll be lethal, fierce and damn good looking at the same time.

Go Low or Go High with Two Unique Designs
As part of the Spring/Summer 2017 range, we're offering two distinct unisex designs. The Sky Captain comes in a minimalistic and understated dark blue with print details in deep red. The Splinter is more explicit and aggressive with a blue geometric camouflage pattern, white mesh and matching print details.

SAYSKY Sky Captain Aero Suit 2.0

SAYSKY Splinter Aero Suit 2.0

Building on the Fundament of Affirmed Performance

The SAYSKY Aero Suit 2.0 is the successor to the two very popular models from last year: the Nighthawk and Phantom Aero Suits, who both ranked very well in aerodynamics tests and they've made their way to Kona on several athletes.

The 2.0 version has been build on the fundament of these and we've gone through several prototypes and tests to design an even better triathlon suit that is guaranteed to take your game to the next level. Check out the list below for a complete round up of the performance specs:

- High performance unisex aero suit made for racing. It comes with a casual and laid back attitude
- Back pocket statement: "NOT MADE FOR WALKING"
- Tight and very aerodynamic fit

- Please don't use the suit for gym training or promenade walking. SAYSKY has other products for that

- The fabric has been carefully selected and specifically designed for triathlon in Italy
- Very light body fabric with great compression ratings. It dries fast and has remarkable breathability
- Excellent ultraviolet sunblock protection

- 68% polyester / 32% spandex

- Arms: Laser cut openings and elbow length for improved aerodynamics
- Legs: Laser cut openings and optimized free leg movement due to no horizontal seams.
- Upper body: Ultra flexible and highly ventilated mesh with a skin tight fit for optimal aerodynamics.
- Lightweight triathlon pad with integrated pinholes
- Two back pockets + one small leg pocket for nutrition supply
- YKK ® Zipper for enhanced durability and anti-scratch. It also comes with a smart-lock function
- Soft neck solution for added comfort