• Cross Country Running for Triathletes

Cross Country Running for Triathletes

SAYSKY Athlete Emil Holm showing how to strike a perfect running pose at a local cross country race!

Perfect form and perfect pace. The young triathlon prodigy knows how to school the rest. Emil is a gifted triathlete who's gunning for a spot at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. This weekend he showed that he's to be taken seriously on the run, as he won the race - a hilly and technical 7,2km course with 118m to be climbed. Average I'm-just-checking-my-form-speed was 3:23/km. Good luck keeping up here.

Emil was racing in his favourite Pace Tights and No. 1 Camo LS Tee. You can follow Emil and his exploits on his Instagram and Strava profile pages.