• SAYSKY 2 in 1 Shorts: Ultimate Utility Shorts

SAYSKY 2 in 1 Shorts: Ultimate Utility Shorts

The SAYSKY 2 in 1 Shorts are a long time customer favourite. They've been with us since the beginning and they've only matured and improved over the years. This season, we're releasing them in an even better version.

The SAYSKY 2 in 1 Shorts have been designed for comfort and taking down a serious amount of miles. Here are the core features:

  • The fabric is very light, breathable and made with four-way stretch for optimal freedom of movement.
  • The inner pants prevent against rubbing and chafing.
Overload and Get Going:

The prime feature is without comparison the many pockets for carrying all your gear on the run. Whether you're the type who's overloading on gels, or running around with your phone - we've got you covered. Check out the specific details below or get one of the new pairs in maritime blue, rifle green or reflective universe.


SAYSKY 2 in 1 Shorts
Back pocket with a sweat-repellent membrane. The pocket easily fits most smartphones and holds up to several gels.


SAYSKY 2 in 1 Shorts

Each pair of SAYSKY 2 in 1 Shorts come with two inside gel pockets, which can carry a total of four gels. These pockets can also be used for keys and/or credit cards.

 SAYSKY 2 in 1 Shorts

The side pocket on the inner shorts is the newest feature in the 2 in 1 Shorts series (only available for the maritime blue, rifle green and reflective universe models). Use this pocket for gels or your phone on a training run. If you're still not wireless, there's also a designated hole in the outer shorts for the microphone cord.