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SAYSKY Share Greatness

SAYSKY Share Greatness


For our Spring/Summer18 collection we came up with the phrase 'SHARE GREATNESS' and put it on a tee. You might think it's an invitation to share your greatest moments on social media – which it can be, no doubt. But even more importantly it's the way you share it.

The call we try to make is deeper and have nothing to do with bragging. It's a call against some of the current socio-cultural trends we see today.

Let me try to explain: the reward for being a leader, a champ or simply just being great is not the right to be a dick. If you become great you have a unique opportunity to inspire and motivate those around you. Not by spreading dislike and negativity. I don’t say you should carry your fellow athletes on your shoulders when racing, but giving pace if you feel strong, sure does not cost much. You might even get it back when hurting.

SAYSKY wants to encourage you to 'Share Your Greatness', don't protect it or isolate it. Share it. You surely don’t loose any greatness by sharing it.

Moving up from being great to being a legend is about making an impact that goes much beyond your own greatness. Legends make other people great. They inspire and give other people a purpose. They make them belong.

Share greatness to run down barriers. Share greatness because a social group is fundamental for the individual reaching excellence.

SAYSKY Share Greatness

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Let us all make the magic star on our chest mean something more than “I am a serious sportsman/women”. Let the star be a symbol for people who care, who look up, who are not afraid to stand out of the crowd and certainly not frightened to make the world smaller by acknowledging other people. Be open rather than closed. Let us make “looking up, rather than down” the new norm.

Share Greatness! .... And yes we still don’t give a fuck about a lot of things. But caring aren’t one of them… and you can still race hard and look cool with a warm heart. Share Greatness!

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