• SAYSKY SS20: Triathlon and Cycling Video

SAYSKY SS20: Triathlon and Cycling Video


The Spring/Summer 2020 triathlon and cycling collection goes live on Friday, March 20 at 10.00am CET. But you can already now explore the full collection right here.

This year, we're introducing a high performance cycling set, which will serve you well whether in race or training mode. It comes with our new dark Falcon print. Alongside this, we're also dropping two new Aero Suits - the black and very stealthy Nighthawk Aero Suit 4.0 together with the seasonal Falcon Aero Suit 4.0. They are not made for walking - as also printed on the back. Honour it.

Watch all the new styles in the video below and then get ready to shop the March 20 launch here.