World Record Attempt: 50m Rope Climb from a Hot Air Balloon

World Record Attempt: 50m Rope Climb from a Hot Air Balloon

SAYSKY Athlete Leon Kofoed is not only the European OCR Short Distance Champion, he's also very much afraid of heights. Challenged by Red Bull, he set out to conquer his fear and claim a new world record: to be the first person to complete a 50m rope climb hanging from a hot air balloon. Watch the attempt here.
SAYSKY Athlete Thor Bendix

Youngster with big future dreams

Thor Bendix is young, strong and ready for the future. The youngster that started his passion for triathlon when he was 15 years old have learned to cope with pain and setbacks. Read the interview we did with SAYSKY athlete Thor here and prepare yourself to be wowed. 

Age should never be a limitation!

Age should never be a limitation!

Andreas Straßner is a 40-year-old German runner and is known primarily for his performances at half marathons, marathons and the Wings for Life World Run. Strassi doesn't see age as a limitation and this bad-ass runner can't be stopped. Read the full interview here. 
SAYSKY Athlete Tabea Themann: Running

Don't take running too seriously

SAYSKY athlete Tabea Themann's mantra is: “Don’t take life too seriously. Punch it in the face when it needs a good hit. Laugh at it”, which in a nutshell describes Tabea and her approach to running. Read the interesting interview here. 

SAYSKY Athlete Tom Gröschel

Interview with two-time German Marathon Champ: SAYSKY Athlete Tom Gröschel

SAYSKY Athlete Tom Gröschel is a repeat two-time marathon champ in Germany, with victories in 2018 and 2019 - and what's even more impressive about this feat is that Tom only just had his marathon debut in 2018. On top of this, he's also laying down the law as a police officer, although not fulltime anymore, as the primary focus is now running...
SAYSKY Athlete Simon Holbek

The Father-Work-Runner Balance

How do you go from 2.59.16 on the marathon to 2.21.49 and become the fastest Dane at Copenhagen Marathon for the past two years, while also being a father and working fulltime? This is pretty impressive and not least very inspiring. So, we decided to send over a few questions to our long-time friend, Simon Holbek, about his life and the delicate father-work-runner balance.

SAYSKY Athletes

SAYSKY Athletes: PB Weekend

The SAYSKY Athletes performed quite well this past weekend, with both PB's, course records and victories on the race menu. Read about the specific performances here and see if you can keep up.
SAYSKY Athlete Simon Stützel

Join SAYSKY on training camp in Iten, Kenya

SAYSKY Athlete Simon Stützel is away on training camp in Iten, Kenya. He'll be taking over the SAYSKY Instagram stories from Jan 30 - Feb 1, and we highly suggest that you tune in. This is not only because Iten is practically the holy mekka of running training camps, but also because Simon's a cool and knowledgable guy to follow.

SAYSKY Athlete Sif Bendix Madsen

How do SAYSKY Olympian medalists train?

Ever wondered how an Olympic medalist train? SAYSKY Athlete and youth Olympian Sif Bendix Madsen, is taking over the SAYSKY Instagram stories this weekend, as she's on training camp in Lanzarote. Tune in and see if you can keep up with her - trust us, it's no easy walk in the park.
Training for Barbados Marathon

Training for Barbados Marathon

SAYSKY Athlete Paul Schmidt is currently on the run towards Barbados Marathon in December. He just recently returned to training and with only four weeks of running, it'll be interesting to see if he can repeat the victory from last year. Read about his past performance and the preparations for this year's race.

OCR World Championships Competition

OCR World Championships Competition

The OCR World Championships is going down this weekend in London, with SAYSKY Athlete Nikolaj Dam once again toeing the start line. You'll be able to follow his exploits via our Instagram Story, while also having a chance to win a jacket for you and your friend. Check it out here.
SAYSKY Athlete Sif Bendix Madsen

Olympic Medals and Winning SAYSKY Athletes

We've had a couple of SAYSKY athletes thrown in to action this weekend, with quite remarkable results along the way - an olympic silver medal in Argentina, UK Commonwealth team bronze and finally a castle conquest in Denmark. Needless to say, we're super proud. Read the full story here.