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Projekt 130 km stafetløb: Møns Klint til København

Hvad sker der, når alle løb er aflyst, og der ikke er nogle seriøse planer forude som gør, at man holder ved ens træningsplaner? Ja så er man nødt til at finde på sjove løbeprojekter, så tilbage i juli, besluttede Nicklas og Simon fra SAYSKY kontoret at slå sig sammen med nogle af deres venner for at fuldføre et 130 km 5-mands stafetløb fra Møns Klint til København.

Kan du følge med? Mød SAYSKY Atleter Sif og Thor Bendix Madsen

Vi havde fornøjelsen af at spørge det super seje søskendepar Thor og Sif om nogle spørgsmål omkring, livet, træning og fremtidsdrømme. Selvom Thor kun er 21 år, og Sif 19 år, har de to elite triatleter allerede opnået store resultater.


How to juggle everyday life and elite running ambitions?

Simon is the current Danish national marathon champion and very soon he’ll be off to the World Athletics Half Marathon in Gdynia, Poland on October 17 – representing the national team for the first time. We had a talk with Simon about his training ambitions and what it means to have a family, full-time job and run at an elite level at the same time.
SAYSKY Everything Earned


Everything Earned is a motivational statement and testament that in running, nothing happens by luck nor by miracles. It takes dedication and hard work. And no one can take this away from you or say otherwise if they look into your training-log. It was you who ran the miles and it was you who put in all the effort.

SAYSKY Human Driven

Human Driven by SAYSKY

In a world where everything is increasingly mechanic and digital, we forget to stop and appreciate the human element in keeping the world running. Human Driven is a reminder of what we can accomplish by our own willpower and that nothing can or should stop us from running.
Keep it Fun: SAYSKY Spring/Summer 2020

Keep it Fun: SAYSKY Spring/Summer 2020

We're serious about our sport, but don't take ourselves too seriously. Because running is so much more than just hitting PB's and collecting race medals. And also what's the point, if you don't have a little fun along the way?

SAYSKY Fast Food

Does eating fast food make you faster?

This was the question that gave birth to the fifth and final drop of the season - the SAYSKY Fast Food series. But really there's more to the ice cream and burger prints, as we feel that a much more relaxed mindset and attitude are needed in the world of running.
Stay Brave: by the SAYSKY founder

Stay Brave: by the SAYSKY founder

Big goals take courage. Not only to get started, but also to stay onto them when they seem hard to reach. When you have chosen the path to a Personal Best you will undoubtedly go through the territory of the unknown – it is the very fundamental idea of the PB. The same goes for all other personal goals where you push your limits to new places... Read the full story here.

saysky top 5 stories of 2019

Top 5 SAYSKY Stories of 2019

SAYSKY has gathered the top 5 most popular stories of 2019 that you guys should definitely re-read! Get inspired or amazed once again by the content that we have here for you.
saysky ab training group

AB Training Group

Have you ever wondered how big a coach's role is for a training group? Meet Allison Benton, founder and coach of the AB Training Group in Brighton, England, who is a former elite runner that transformed her love for running into coaching. Read the interview here. 

saysky runease

SAYSKY RunEase - Interview with Laura about running and safety

The SAYSKY RunEase social running event is an event for women only. We want to put focus on women's safety when running alone and in this blogpost you can read this strong interview with Laura who thought she was running alone an early morning in December, only quickly to find out that she was not alone. Read the interview here.
SAYSKY Merino wool

SAYSKY Merino wool

Merino wool is well-known and highly acknowledged for its performance abilities, warmth and comfort. We use Australian merino wool for all of our wool products, and we’re just blown away by the many advantages of this wonder fabric. Here you can read all the amazing features about merino wool.