Sub Rosa

saysky sub rosa brussels

Sub Rosa Brussels: January 23

The SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race is headed to where it all ended in 2019: Belgium. This time we will kick-off the year in Brussels, January 23. We have teamed up with Run Crew BXL and we promise this race won't disappoint. Come and join us in Brussels. Read more about the event and sign up here.
saysky sub rosa brugge

Sub Rosa Brugge: October 24

SAYSKY is going to Brugge where we will be hosting the last Sub Rosa Race of 2019. Don't miss out on this fun and fast race in the streets of Brugge, October 24. We can't reveal the route, but we can promise you that the last race of the season will be something you will remember. Sign up now!

SAYSKY Sub Rosa Cologne

Sub Rosa Cologne: October 1

The next Sub Rosa Race will take place in Cologne, October 1. Cologne is a beautiful city and we are really looking forward to have our first Sub Rosa event here. Lace up for this great event where we promise smiles, a tough course and race faces all around.
SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race Zürich

Sub Rosa Zürich: September 19

Get ready for a challenging race when SAYSKY is doing the Sub Rosa Race for the first time in the streets of Zürich. It's a busy city, despite having a relatively small population - so lace up for a great race that'll require all your focus. Apply now, there're 50 free spots available!

SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race Hamburg

Sub Rosa Hamburg: August 21

We are very excited for our first SAYSKY Sub Rosa race in Hamburg, August 21. 
The race will take place in the heart of Hamburg and although we can't disclose any specific details, we can say for sure that it is going to be a fun race that requires your best navigational skills. Lace up and join us for this great event! 
SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race Copenhagen

DAC X SAYSKY Sub Rosa Copenhagen: August 15

This is a special edition SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race made in collaboration with Danish Architecture Center (DAC) and we are very excited to send you out on the hunt for architectural points in Copenhagen! Lace up for a great race on August 15.

SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race Copenhagen

Sub Rosa Copenhagen: July 1 (Birthday Edition)

The SAYSKY Sub Rosa race is back where it all started - in the heart of Copenhagen. But it'll be a little bit different this time around, because it's our 6-year birthday. The event is hosted together with Sportmaster and you can look forward to a unique race experience. Also, it wouldn't be a proper party if it didn't involve a few surprises on the run and post-race birthday cake.
SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race Amsterdam

Sub Rosa Amsterdam: June 19

The SAYSKY Sub Rosa race is coming to downtown Amsterdam on June 19. We won't disclose any specific details, but it's pretty certain that you'll be crossing a canal or two and that the course will challenge even the most seasoned urban runners. There are 50 free spots up for grabs. Apply now.

SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race Berlin

Sub Rosa Berlin: May 29

The SAYSKY Sub Rosa race is coming back to Germany again, after the previous stopovers in Japan, Korea and the United Kingdom. Berlin is the next stage, with a late-night run on May 29. Apply here and then get ready to take on the other street racers in town.
SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race

Sub Rosa London: May 8

The SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race is coming to the United Kingdom for the first time on May 8. London is the stage, where a select 50 runners will battle for the title of being the smartest street racer in town. In order to win, you'll need to be quick on your feet and even quicker with your decisions.

SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race

Sub Rosa Recap: München

Off they went. In a blistering pace towards the first checkpoint. Completely unaware of what awaited them throughout the city of München. 33 runners took on the challenge, but only 31 completed all checkpoints and finished the race. But that’s the name of the game. Sub Rosa is about street savvy and local city knowledge.
SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race

Sub Rosa München: March 20

The SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race is coming to Münich on March 20. Sub Rosa is a low key street race that'll require navigational skills and local city knowledge. In order to win, you'll need to be quick on your feet and even quicker with your decisions.

The race is free, however, there're only 40 available slots, so don't wait around if you want to take part.