• The Splinter Camo Race Series

The Splinter Camo Race Series


The splinter camo range is a SAYSKY signature and a real attention grabber when you're suiting up for the summer races. Apart from the eye catching graphics, you'll find that the material is very lightweight and straight up made for racing.

The new singlets and tee's are made from a very soft and breathable 100% polyester fabric, with a structure that allows for improved air flow on the run.

The series consists of lightweight tee's and singlets in white and green splinter camo, accompanied by a range of shorts, jacket and vest. Check out the full range here or click on the pictures below.

Gear up and get going.

SAYSKY Splinter Camo Singlet

SAYSKY Splinter Light SS Running TeeSAYSKY Splinter Camo Tee