• The Superstitious Danish Sprinters

The Superstitious Danish Sprinters


It's no secret that Danish people are obsessed with talking about the weather. Hit up any random Dane on the street and we bet you that the person will throw in a comment about the weather. We know what we're talking about. We do it ourselves on a daily basis.

It could have something to do with the fact that on average it rains every second day in Denmark. Pretty depressing. We can't run away from that. On the contrary, Danish people are probably among the most appreciative and outdoor-loving when the sun finally decides to show up.


Superstition among Danish sprinters

This is all pretty common, but little did we know that the Danish weather vibes run a lot deeper in the Danish sprinting community. SAYSKY athlete and sprinter Marquis Caldwell is a California native who now lives in Denmark. He says that on the first real warm day on the track, it's common practice to run shirtless. If they don't, there's superstition among the sprinters that there won't be another sunny day. True or not, keep it going and let's hope for a great Summer here in Copenhagen.


From playing tag to setting the track on fire

Marquis is the most recent athlete to join the SAYSKY Team. He's one of the best sprinters in Denmark at the moment, with his favourite distances being the 200m and 400m.

He started running track because his mom noticed that he was really good at playing tag. Grandpa didn't let this go unnoticed and he started taking Marquis to practice. This eventually resulted in the Junior Olympics, a high school hall of fame induction and a couple of regional championships.

He now runs for Sparta in Copenhagen and has two 4x200m national championships to his name. His best time in the 400m is 46.84 and 21.83 in the 200m. He's gunning for a 45.something in the 400m.

He moved to Denmark for his Masters degree and decided to stay because he really likes it here (despite the aforementioned weather apparently). Eventually he learned the language and also found a Danish girlfriend. Apart from running track, he's working full time and coaching youth athletes.

Welcome to Denmark and welcome to the SAYSKY team, Marquis.