• Training for Barbados Marathon

Training for Barbados Marathon


SAYSKY Athlete Paul Schmidt is currently on the run towards Barbados Marathon in December. He just recently returned to training and with only four weeks of running, it'll be interesting to see if he can repeat the victory from last year.

2017 Barbados Marathon Winner

Paul took home the gold at Barbados Marathon last year, with race conditions that were unlike anything you'd find on European soil. However, despite the 28°C and a 05.00AM start, Paul still managed to cross the finish line as the first person in a time of 2:36h.

SAYSKY Athlete Paul Schmidt

Going for gold again?

Whether he'll repeat the feat from last year is yet to be seen. Although, one thing is for sure - Paul is a great runner with loads of experience and a very unique training philosophy. Being a doctor also, he definitely knows how to push his body to the limits and how to prepare for such a race.

He tells us that it would be suicide to pursue the same pace as last year, given the extreme heat, however, he's still aiming for a podium spot. In the end it all comes down to how well the other runners handle the heat.

Barbados Marathon is on December 9 - make sure to keep up with Paul on his Instagram and Strava profiles for updates.

SAYSKY Athlete Paul Schmidt