• Win a 150€ Gift Card: OCR Euro Champs Competition

Win a 150€ Gift Card: OCR Euro Champs Competition

Win a 150€ Gift Card: OCR Euro Champs Competition

SAYSKY Athlete Nikolaj Dam will be competing at the OCR European Championship in Poland on June 28. He's heading there with great confidence and promises to do some serious damage. Guess his position for a chance to win a 150€ gift card for the SAYSKY webshop.

For details and a little more insight, we recommend that you read the interview below and keep up with Nikolaj, as he takes over the SAYSKY Instagram stories on June 27 and 28.

Competition Specifics

  • All bids must be submitted on the official competition post on the SAYSKY Instagram page before June 28, 9.00 (CEST).
  • We'll draw a random winner, if multiple people have the same correct guess.
  • The winner will be contacted directly.

SAYSKY Athlete Nikolaj Dam

Interview with Nikolaj Dam

Could you start by introducing yourself?

I am 29 years old and I have been doing endurance sports since I was 13 years old. I started running on my childhood trails on Bornholm, then I moved to adventure racing, mountain biking and eventually triathlon. Since 2015, I have only been focusing on obstacle course racing (OCR). It would be fair to say that this is now also my primary job. Together with my training buddy, business partner and fellow SAYSKY athlete, Leon Kofoed, we're fully occupied with racing, training, events, selling nationals jerseys, coordinating training camps and coaching individuals and groups.

You are one of the best OCR athletes in the world, but how did you get into OCR in the first place and did you ever think OCR would take you this far?

I did some races in 2007 which looked a lot like OCR, but at that time no one was using the term OCR. So, I just did some trail running with strength exercises and obstacles on the way from A to B. I didn’t really think there was much future in it, so I started triathlon. I was very wrong! I came back in 2015 and went to the OCR World Championship and finished 5th overall.

You are participating in the official European OCR Championship in June. What categories will you be competing in?

I will be racing the “Standard Course” on June 28 in Poland (15km and 60 obstacles) and the male team relay on June 29 (with Leon Kofoed and Andreas Olsen). The team relay is separated into three disciplines. Speed, strength and technique. I will be racing the speed section which is 4-5km of running with light obstacles. Andreas is taking care of the strength section which is 2-3km with carrying and lifting heavy stuff, while Leon is handling the technical section which is 3-4 km with grip based and more technical obstacles.

What are your goals for the different championship races? Anything you are looking forward to and/or fear going into them?

My goal is to become European champion. For the last two years, I have been very close to 3rd place, but couldn’t keep up the strength and speed in the end. This year, my preparation has been different and I'm sure its my time to shine!

How has your training been leading up to a competition like this?

I have had a very good winter with consistent training within running, strength training and obstacle training. I have been on different training camps in USA, Spain and local camps in Denmark. So I feel ready!

It seems that you and your training buddy Leon care very much about the OCR community, since you have started OCR Training Denmark and you are also the first OCR coaches to officially educate others. Can you tell us some more about this?

Yes, Leon and I are doing events, camps and coaching. This winter we started the OCR level 1 education in Europe together with the official World OCR federation. The goal is to spread OCR across Europe and show how OCR can fit into all ages and levels.

Do you have any good advice for people considering OCR?

Yes. Start running weekly, do bodyweight exercises weekly or start doing climbing or bouldering to get the grip strength up. Find training partners and environments to join and start training with them, since it is much more fun and efficient to do it with others. If you are in doubt, social media can be a helpful way to finding new training partners and communities.

If you could pick one or two results, which results are you the proudest of so far in your career? 

My two-times 5th place finishes at the OCR World Championships and Red Bull Conquer The Castle in 2018. It was such a long and cool event, where I really had to dig deep and use all my skills to take home the win. My road and track PB´s are: 3000m: 08:59min, 10km: 31:59min and half marathon: 70:06min

Do you have any other competitions this year? And what are your long-term goals?

In July I am traveling around the alps for training and doing alpine OCR races, which includes a lot of altitude gains. This fall my main goal is to get on the podium at the World Championship in London at the Standard Course (15km). Besides OCR, my running goal this year is to get under 15min on 5000m.

Keep up with Nikolaj here: Instagram and Strava