• Win a SAYSKY Running Jacket

Win a SAYSKY Running Jacket

SAYSKY Athlete Leon Kofoed is currently on training camp in the US together with fellow SAYSKY Athlete Nikolaj Dam, where they'll be battling it out with the local Spartan Warriors this weekend - and this is your chance to win the super lightweight SAYSKY running jacket.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Leon and Nikolaj will be competing at the SoCal Spartan Races Saturday (super) and Sunday (sprint)
  • Guess the finishing position of Leon at the sprint race on Sunday, Jan 27
  • Submit your bid on the official competition post on the SAYSKY Instagram page (before race start at 7.30am PST)
  • The winner will be contacted directly (if there are multiple correct guesses, a winner will be selected at random)
Instagram Takeover

Leon and Nikolaj will also be taking over our Instagram stories from Friday to Sunday, where you'll get to ask them questions about OCR and the races they'll be doing. If you need further input, in order to come up with a qualified guess, then we suggest that you read the interview below with even more detailed insights.

SAYSKY Athlete Leon Kofoed OCR Athlete

Interview with Leon Kofoed

Leon, could you please introduce yourself?

I’m a professional obstacle course racing (OCR) athlete. I’ve been so for only a short while, as I decided to ‘go pro’ after finishing my master’s degree in mathematics and Economics in October 2018. I now spend 95% of my time invested in the sport and the rest teaching at Copenhagen Business School. At this exact moment I’m sitting in the airport and I’m ready to board the plane to Los Angeles alongside my training buddy and fellow SAYSKY athlete, Nikolaj Dam - the most winning Danish OCR athlete.


How did your passion for OCR start and when?

My OCR journey started in 2015. I made a choice to explore my physical capacity and try to unlock my potential. OCR was my natural sport of choice, as I’ve always enjoyed running, strength training and playing around in bars and with calisthenics. In 2016 I did some OK results and even managed a spot in the Ninja Warrior TV program. That said, then I wasn’t a natural athlete at all. I was struggling to make a proper move for the top and always fell in the sub-elite category, a result of not knowing how to train, think or live as an athlete.

I competed in the age group category for a few years and even made it to the podium at the 2017 OCR European and World Championships. After that I decided it was time to kick it up a notch, and in 2018 I switched my focus to the big medals and managed to take the win at the OCR European Championships on the Short Course. I have primarily my (now extensive) running training to thank for that.


You are going to LA together with your training partner Nikolaj Dam. How is your relationship?

Nikolaj Dam is my training partner, business partner and sometimes also competitor. He just won ‘male OCR athlete of the year’ by the Danish OCR association and he’s been an athlete since he was 13 years old. The story goes that he 'got chicked' at a running event and decided to hit the track and start training – he would then become a fiery athlete with a desire to win!

It took Nikolaj a few years of trying his luck at triathlon, before he turned his eyes to OCR in 2015. He finished 5th at the World Championships and by then, I think he found his shelf. Having a master’s degree in Sports Science, Nikolaj does most of our programming and we can spend hours (days!) developing concepts and ideas within this new and exciting sport we both love.


What do you expect going into the upcoming races this weekend?

The races that Nikolaj and I will do this weekend, are nothing like the races we normally do in Scandinavia. We’re competing at the biggest American OCR event: Spartan Race. These races are held in some pretty crazy terrain and they include lots and lots of picking-things-up-and-carrying-them-around and other funky obstacles like spear throwing. Only 1 or 2 obstacles are what we call technical (obstacles traversed by hands only, like a monkey bar) and I dare say we are not in our element at the Spartan Races.

The big why is simple. The US holds some of the best OCR athletes in the world and we want to show them what we've got! Nikolaj has made a top-6 position at the OCR World’s for the last 4 years and they (the Americans) still don’t really know that he’s an absolute beast – we’re here to change that!

What are your biggest goals for 2019?
Nikolaj and I share some of the big 2019 goals. We are both training to take the top podium spot at the OCR European and World Championships and we’re more devoted to international racing than ever before. We want to play with the big boys, and we want to work even harder to become the very best.

Nikolaj and Leon ‘blue book’:

Nikolaj Dam

Leon Kofoed