SAYSKY Copenhagen Lookbook

AW18 Running: Copenhagen Late Summers

This is the first lookbook of the AW18 season. Call it late Summer or early Fall - either way, these are styles designed to get you rolling as we head for the colder times in the coming months. This time around, we've been running around our native Copenhagen. Take a look and be inspired.
SAYSKY Sub Rosa Lookbook

AW18 Running: SAYSKY Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa is latin for ‘under the rose’. It signifies secrecy and this collection symbolically represents our commitments to exclusivity and keeping our name away from the corporate world. The SAYSKY Sub Rosa collection is defined by a stealthy and dark camouflage pattern, paired with details, prints and labels in red

SAYSKY AW18 Lookbook

AW18 Running: Copenhagen Cold Times

This is the third and final instalment of the SAYSKY AW18 lookbook campaign - shot on the run, through the streets of Copenhagen. Drop three includes the more winter ready styles such as heavy merino pieces and accessories, fleece tops and winter tights. Browse the full lookbook here.
SAYSKY running

AW18 Running: Industrial Copenhagen

This is the second instalment in the AW18 campaign lookbook series. The pictures were shot in the industrial areas of Copenhagen. The styles are absolute essentials in any autumn running wardrobe: long sleeve tee's, wind jackets and merino base layers. You can trust that we've got you covered as the colder times approaches.