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SAYSKY Running Track Etiquette

Smoke track, not crack! As many other passionate runners, we like to hit the track for our occasional speed and interval sessions. It's a great place for newcomers and experienced runners alike. Here's a guide on how to crush the track in good style and fashion.
Stay Brave: by the SAYSKY founder

Stay Brave: by the SAYSKY founder

Big goals take courage. Not only to get started, but also to stay onto them when they seem hard to reach. When you have chosen the path to a Personal Best you will undoubtedly go through the territory of the unknown – it is the very fundamental idea of the PB. The same goes for all other personal goals where you push your limits to new places... Read the full story here.

SAYSKY løbetøj

SAYSKY SS20: Drop 3 Video

The third drop of the season goes live online on April 3 at 10.00am CET. Check out the video here to see some of the bold new prints, statements and colours - and then stay tuned for more details to be released in the days leading up to the launch.
SAYSKY cycling

SAYSKY SS20: Triathlon and Cycling Video

This year, we're introducing a high performance cycling set, which will serve you well whether in race or training mode. It comes with our new dark Falcon print. Alongside this, we're also dropping two new Aero Suits. Watch all the styles in action here.


Le Fix x SAYSKY Be Savage Collection: Teaser Video

Watch a brief teaser video showcasing the graphic elements and thoughts that went into the design of the Le Fix x SAYSKY Be Savage collection - and then stay tuned for more info to drop in the coming days.
SAYSKY Spring/Summer 2020 running

SAYSKY SS20: Drop 2 Video

Get ready for the launch of the second drop of the Spring/Summer 2020 collection, which will go live online on February 28 at 10.00am CET. Explore all the upcoming styles in the video here and scope out some of the hot new details.

SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race

SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race x Le Fix Copenhagen: March 11

On March 11 we'll go live with the SAYSKY x Le Fix collab collection and to celebrate this, we've cooked up a special edition Sub Rosa Race - a little treat that'll challenge the Sub Rosa vets and newcomers alike. Read more about the event here.
SAYSKY beastar

SAYSKY SS20 Highlight: Beastar

We deeply admire the hardworking parents, the students, the career people and all the other everyday heroes out there - who find the time to put the hammer down and get going. It’s not always about being the best. It’s about being your own best.

SAYSKY SS20 Highlight: White Falcon print

SAYSKY SS20 Highlight: White Falcon print

If you haven't already noticed, the Spring/Summer 2020 collection is live and running. We have already presented one of our absolute highlights of the season: the Dark Falcon print, but for this article you can read all about our White Falcon print. Read the article right here. 
saysky 2020 events

SAYSKY 2020 Events

Community is the core and driving force of SAYSKY. We’re deeply inspired by the many cool athletes representing and following us around the world. We love to create events and connect with these people as well as inviting new passionate runners into the fold. Take a look here on all our planned 2020 events. 

saysky dark falcon

SAYSKY SS20 Highlight: Dark Falcon

The new Spring/Summer 2020 range is something we are proud to present to you. Not only is this collection the mark of a new year, new changes and thereby new clothes. But this season, we have never made this many colors or prints before. One highlight is our Falcon print that you can read all about here. 
saysky ss20 drop 1 video

SAYSKY SS20-1 Video

SAYSKY is about to launch the first drop of 2020 and this is something we've been looking forward to for a very long time. Watch the video here to scope out all the cool styles that'll go live on January 31 at 12.00 CET.