SAYSKY Athlete Leon Kofoed OCR

Leon Kofoed: OCR Athlete

Leon is one of the best OCR athletes in Denmark and a European sprint distance champion. He’s a true ninja warrior on the obstacles with a firm grip and quick feet. Leon's a real hard worker and loves to share his passion with others as a coach and inspirational influencer.
SAYSKY Athlete Simon Stützel: Running

Simon Stützel: Running

Simon is part of the SAYSKY endorsed running club, Art Düsseldorf, in Germany. He's a quick motherf*cker on the half and full marathon distances. Simon was involved in a fatal accident not too long ago, which almost cost him his life, however, he managed to rise and recover from it and is now back in speedy action.

SAYSKY Athlete Julie Høgh Running

Julie Høgh: Running

Julie is a passionated runner who lives and works in Copenhagen. She manages to balance working as a psychologist and running everyday. Julie's favourite distance is the half marathons, but you will also be able to see her at the track and competing at shorter distances.
SAYSKY Athlete Julian Fritzenschaft: Triathlon

Julian Fritzenschaft: Triathlon

Here's a police officer that you'll most likely never outrun. Julian Fritzenschaft lays down the law, while being a pro triathlete at the same time. He's a middle-distance racer with a 3:50:52h PB to his name. On the run, he's clocked a 15:35m 5k and 32:37m 10k. Don't go speeding on his watch.

SAYSKY Athlete Oki Kazuhiko: Running

Oki Kazuhiko: Running

Oki is a 2:27 marathoner from Japan, who's not only fast, but also a great ambassador for the sport. He's a professional running coach and dedicated to get the best out of his clients and running community. He's driven by the positivity that running can provide for himself and those around him.
SAYSKY Athlete Tom Wade: Running

Tom Wade: Running

Tom is a British National but lured to Denmark by a women a few years ago. He is a former British international steeplechaser and cross country runner now looking to make an impact on the roads.With a current personal best of 63:38 for the half-marathon he is looking for a big time in the marathon anytime soon.

SAYSKY World Sons of Running: Ultra Running

Sons of Running: Ultra Running

The Sons of Running aka Markus and Domi are two mountain lovers and ultra runners from Germany. They define what it means to be passionate about running and they do it while being absolutely cool and laid back at the same time.
SAYSKY Athlete Paul Schmidt: Running

Paul Schmidt: Running

Paul is one of the most laid back runners in Germany and you can sometimes even catch him running home from parties. However, he's still faster than most with PRs that speak for themselves: German 50k record holder, 10k sub 30 and half marathon sub 65m.

SAYSKY Athlete Emil Holm: Triathlon

Emil Holm: Triathlon

Emil is on the Danish national triathlon team and one fast motherf*cker on the run who's never looking back. He's determined and working very hard to be given the opportunity to represent Denmark at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.
SAYSKY Athlete Sebastian Reinwand: Running

Sebastian Reinwand: Running

Sebastian is the head running coach of our incredibly fast German SAYSKY team. But he's no stranger to speed himself, with a 13:56 5000m time to his name alongside 10k in 29:16, half marathon in 65:09 and a full marathon in 2:19:20.

SAYSKY Athlete Andreas Straßner: Running

Andreas Straßner: Running

Strassi is showing that it's never too late to focus and start running fast. He's somewhat of a legend on the German running scene and we can understand why. He's a cool guy with very swift feet: 2:18:50 on the marathon, 66:02 on the half and 29:44 on a 10k.
SAYSKY Athlete Toni Riediger: Running

Toni Riediger: Running

Toni is our young gun from Germany and a very fast track running warrior. But don't mistake his young age and well-cut hair - he will most likely outrun you, if you try to tag along on his favourite turf: 1500m in 3:44 and 5000m in 14:15.


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